Torbjörn Jonsson, former CEO of Delsbo Candle expressed the need for user friendliness in a telling way:

“We’re a three-button factory. We need a start button, a stop button and a reset button to use when something goes wrong. Any other buttons are bad news.”

Torbjörn’s statement can be said to encapsulate our business idea and what we offer while confirming that we have the right idea. As system-builders we need to make very high demands on ourselves if we want to continue to help Swedish industries be competitive. Which we do.

Easy to use

Our customers are experts at baking bread, candlemaking, cooking sausages, manufacturing diapers and much more. A production facility that’s easy to use and easy to manage is critical. Production is often around-the-clock and it’s not possible to always have staff with advanced automation skills on site.

Our strength as automation provider is that we can build sophisticated technical solutions that anyone can use, making for problem-free production every day of the year.

That’s why we pay so much attention to user-friendliness and build intuitive operating panels that are easy to understand. For highest availability, in the meaning that the facility runs smoothly, we incorporate instructional alarms and reliable systems for handling malfunctions.

Easy start-up

In the food industry, production is often run 24/7, often with both regular and temporary staff. Therefore, a large part of our projects are devoted to making the systems as easy to use as possible.

When everything works perfectly, start and stop are enough. But reality is something else, and there will be mistakes, disturbances and unexpected events.  Our automation solutions are easy to reset and restart for that reason.

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